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It’s time for another AppSumo deal review, and we have AppSumo 11Sight. Now enjoy smooth video web conferencing for life at an affordable price.

Suppose your customers have some inquiries and want to reach you to satisfy their curiosity. So, they send you messages, and you will reply when you see them. Or they want to talk to you directly, so they go through a process to schedule a meeting. Both of the situations seem unnecessarily elaborated.

Your customers can be the happiest when they can reach you whenever they want, like a good old friend. Establishing direct and instant communication is easier said than done. At least that used to be the situation, but 11Sight has changed that reality and made direct business communication super easy.

Read on to learn how 11Sight helps you provide the best customer support and boost your business.

What is 11Sight?

11Sight is a unique and creative communication platform that allows one-click chat, audio, and video web conferencing on your computer and mobile device. It is one of the most innovative customer support solutions.

11Sights helps you provide better customer service and increase your sales. Your customers can contact you anytime and anywhere from the web using 11Sight. They can start a conversation with you via chat, audio call, or video conference, and you will get all the chat or call history right at your fingertips. You can even hold a conference with several people using E-rooms.

Overall, 11Sight is a digital communication tool to improve customer support and boost your business.

Key Features of 11Sight

The key features of 11Sight include personal links, buttons, a dashboard, rooms, etc. See the details below to learn more about the key features of 11Sight.

1. E-Line

11Sight gives you a personalized encrypted link called E-line. 

E-line is very similar to an email address. Your customers can instantly reach you by entering your e-line link.

11Sight AppSumo

No matter wherever people are roaming on the internet, they can click on your e-line link and connect with you. They can leave your website alone and reach you following some complicated process. Your e-line is enough to contact you right away.

2. Dashboard

When you end your call with your customer, you can see the call history in detail. The dashboard of 11Sight serves you with all the details of your interaction with your customers.

11Sight Lifetime deal

The dashboard will show you screenshots and chats alongside your call history. So you can quickly go through the information regarding your interactions.

3. E-Rooms

Create a room to host a group meeting and converse with several people using 11Sight’s e-room. Up to 20 people can join your e-room.

AppSumo 11Sight

The e-room allows you to chat, exchange files, take screenshots, screen record, and screen share. You can record the whole meeting and share it on YouTube so the absent people can catch up on it later.

4. E-Buttons

You can add an option called an e-button to your website, allowing people to contact you instantly with one click. This feature is a smart button that directly connects you with your customers whenever they roam around your website.

This button has other uses like lead data collection, adding external applications, video, audio, chat, etc. Now, this is a simple and resourceful feature that makes your website visitors more satisfied.

5. Mobile App

11Sight can work on the browser without any problem. But it has a mobile app, too, which makes your experience even smoother. You can get an 11Sight app for Android or iOS both.

Why You Should Use 11Sight

You can use 11Sight for marketing and operational purpose. 11Sight is best for marketing agencies, SaaS, and sales managers. You should pay attention to the goodness of this innovative platform if you want to establish a better communication system in your business.

Good communication is needed to promote your products and provide good customer support. These activities are important factors for the growth of your business.

How 11Sight Works 

11Sight creates a path for your customers to contact you instantly and directly. When someone enters the e-line, you will get a call on your mobile device. So you can have a chat, audio, or video interaction with that person.

The audio and video web conferencing features enables real-time interaction. This platform will let you track your activity and provide important analytics that helps you grow your business.

11Sight Lifetime Deal Review

Now video web conferencing is easier and cheaper with the lifetime deal AppSumo provides on behalf of 11Sight. The 11Sight lifetime deal is stackable. You can buy up to 15 AppSumo 11Sight codes. The number of additional facilities increases, and you stack more codes.

Old 11Sight users can buy codes since this deal is not exclusive to new users. This deal is a great way to enjoy this platform for life.

11Sight AppSumo Lifetime Deal Benefits

These facilities below are the benefits that make the AppSumo 11Sight deal irresistible.

  • Lifetime access to 11Sight, including future LTD Select Plan, updates
  • Stack up to 15 codes and purchase the above ten codes to get additional features
  • Unlimited call time, multi-line ringing, call forwarding, and three-way calling
  • Share: Screen and file
  • Video storage: 20 GB (expires in 60 days)
  • Use 11Sight for free (60 day’s trial with cashback)

(Note: You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase.)

11Sight Lifetime Deal Pricing

Let’s check out the pricing setup for the AppSumo 11Sight deal-

➹ Single (1 code): $59

  • Seats for two users
  • E-line addresses allotted: 2
  • Personal meeting room addresses: 2

➹➹ Double (2 codes): $118

  • Seats for four users
  • E-line addresses allotted: 4
  • Personal meeting room addresses: 4
  • Conference room addresses: 1
  • Video recording: 10 hours (you can buy additional hours)
  • Option to erase 11Sight branding
  • Call orchestration option

➹➹➹ Multiple (3 to 10 codes): $177 to $590

  • Seats for 6 to 30 users
  • E-line addresses allotted: 6 to 30
  • Personal meeting room addresses: 6 to 30
  • Conference room addresses: 2 to 15
  • Video recording: 20 to 180 hours (you can buy additional hours)
  • Option to erase 11Sight branding
  • Call orchestration option
  • CNAME links: 5 to 70 links
  • Hubspot integration (for 6 to 10 codes)

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FAQS about the 11Sight Lifetime Deal

How much additional recording time can I purchase?

You can purchase an unlimited amount of additional video recording hours.

How much will the additional video recording hours cost?

You can buy a recording credit of 10 hours at $19. This price is only for the meeting room recording; the video and audio call recordings are free and unlimited.

Does 11Sight work for international calls?

Yes, this communication platform supports calls from all over the world.

Do I get a scheduling or booking feature like Calendly?

11Sight lacks a built-in scheduling feature, but you can integrate it with external scheduling tools using an e-button.

Is a breakout room feature available in this lifetime deal?

Currently, this platform lacks a breakout room feature, so there is no way you will find it in the lifetime deal.

Final Verdict & Opinion

Many people are still clinging to the older ways of business communication. But the world is changing quickly, and you should improve your ways of life. People now prefer faster and easier communication. It is not the time when we have to wait for days to get a reply from business owners before we place an order. People now want an instant answer, and the best way to get it is to contact the business owner directly.  

As a business owner, you must provide the quick responses your customers expect. So, stop clinging to the old ways and accept the 11Sight lifetime deal.

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